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First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City
Saturday, August 27, 2016
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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City!
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Our Mission: We are committed to glorifying God and transforming our congregation, community, and the world with God's love.  
Our Vision: To strengthen our own spiritual growth and to spread the word of God in Christ.

The Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, Pastor


Worship Service:  

Sunday - 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Church Services on the Web

TV Broadcast - Channel 99  

Wednesdays- 12:00 Noon   

Fridays- 2:00 PM

Sundays- 12:00 Noon
(New Sermons first air on Wednesdays) 



Church Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday - 8:00-3:00
Friday - 8:00-12:00



In 2016, May 31st marks the beginning of Ordinary Time.  The paraments are the color green which signifies spiritual growth.  Most of the church year is considered Ordinary Time, when no prominent festival or theme is celebrated.  The liturgical term “ordinary” means that which is standard, normative, usual or typical.  Week after week, Sunday “ordinarily” celebrates the resurrection and unfolding of the new creation.  This is in accord with the Reformed tradition, for which the Lord’s Day has always had a dominant role whether or not annual festivals were maintained.  Ordinary Time lasts until Advent for a period of 23-28 weeks.
Thank You to Our Teachers and Mentors
Click here to see a list of all of the wonderful teachers and mentors who have guided our education opportunities throughout the year and to learn more about the wonderful way they have been honored!
 Support Our Confirmands Heading to Triennium!
A special welcome to our newly confirmed members:  Tegan Daley, Christian McDaniel, Mira McDaniel, Alicia Pozos, Armand Pozos, Ollie Pozos and Sean Towle. For pictures of this and other events, click here.
Two of the confirmands, Alicia Pozos and Mira McDaniel, are planning to attend Triennium, a five day Presbyterian youth event held at Purdue University in July.  This "happening" occurs only every three years so we are most happy to sponsor two of FPC's own youth!  
Several fundraisers will be planned which we hope you will support.  The first will be a bake sale at the Farmers Market on 8th Street on Saturday, July 9th.  We encourage the congregation to volunteer items for sale or you can make a monetary donation.

Please bring your baked goods to the church on Friday, July 8th 9:00 A.M.  -  12:00 Noon or Saturday July 9th by 8:30 A.M.

Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board in the Edith Boyd Lounge.


 Summer Opportunities with First Presbyterian Church!
To find out about the wonderful children's activities we will be participating in this summer, click here!
Pep Talks with Dr. Stephanie
Join Dr. Stephanie at 11:00 AM the second Sunday of the month in the classroom on the second floor.
 Current Artist
The current artist in the Edith Boyd Lounge is Ken Gross from Goshen, Indiana.  His art is “Fractals”.  Fractals are complex, repetitive, mathematical based shapes and patterns that resemble those found in nature.  They are created on the computer.  He has been creating Fractals for 25 years using software, math, science and artistic inspiration.  He liken their creation as kind of a spiritual experience sometimes taking his breath away.
 What is Per Capita?

The per-capita campaign is our personal responsibility of sharing the costs and of supporting the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  The General Assembly gives strength, direction, and unity to the Presbyterian doctrine; it unites us as one.  As a member of the Presbyterian Church, I look at Per Capita as my “dues” to the larger church.  Almost every organization I belong to has dues of some sort, and our Church really is no different.  I also understand that it would be easy for me to just say “take our dues out of my monthly offering”,  but with 4 members in my family, that would be almost $150 less my local church would have to spend on programs I want to see happen here. Multiply that by almost 300 members on our books, and that is almost $11,000 out of our regular giving that we wouldn’t have to spend on local programs.  It adds up fast.  I’ve heard some argue that our church just should not pay the per capita to the presbytery.  If all the churches in the area said that, how would they pay their bills in keeping the Geneva center open?  We cannot take this option –we have to support the larger church.  And the way the McDaniel’s can help with this is by paying our PerCapita.  And we will.  I encourage you do also!  From, Amy McDaniel


Noisy Offering = July 24th & August 28th
The Noisy Offering is doing great in 2016! Let's make this the most successful year yet! Be sure to save that spare change and bring it to the Noisy Offering! The next collection will be Sunday, July 24th.


Christian Education Updates

Please Click Here for information regarding our Lighthouse and Youth Group programs,  as well information about exciting Adult Christian Education opportunities.


 3B Summer Schedule

Our Summer Session of 3B will begin, Tuesday, May 10 and run through Thursday, July 28th.  As usual, the classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:00 A.M. and be held in the Edith Boyd Lounge. Lois and Alice thank everyone for their faithfulness in attending.


Missional Transformation: Discovering God's Dream
The Church has a divine calling, and its life and purpose are not its own.
The church exists to discern and participate in God’s mission.
That is why we have embarked on this journey with other churches in the Presbytery of Wabash Valley. For more information and to learn our timeline for this journey, please click here.


Heritage Room Pictures


Visit the Heritage Room and check out our new display.  In celebration of our 2016 Confirmation Class, past class pictures have been arranged for your viewing.  If you or a member of your family was confirmed at First Presbyterian after 1963 your class picture may be among the array.  It is not too late to add pictures either.  If you have a photo of one of the missing classes or a picture of your own Confirmation  that you would like to share give it to Shirley or Peggy and they will add it to the display.


Denomination Web Site
 Worship and Preaching Schedule   



The worship and preaching schedule during the months of  July & August is as follows:          


JULY 3rd -  10:00 A.M.
Communion Sunday
Rev. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne
JULY 10th
8:00 A.M.—Chapel Service
10:00 A.M.—Worship Service
Elder Alice Yacullo
JULY 17th
8:00 A.M.—Chapel Service
10:00 A.M.—Worship Service
Rev. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne
JULY 24th
8:00 A.M.—Chapel Service
10:00 A.M.—Worship Service
Rev. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne
JULY 31st
8:00 A.M.—Chapel Service
10:00 A.M.—Worship Service
Rev. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne
 AUGUST 7th -  10:00 A.M.
Communion Sunday
Rev. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne
8:00 A.M.—Chapel Service
10:00 A.M.—Worship Service
Rev. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne
8:00 A.M.—Chapel Service
10:00 A.M.—Worship Service
Rev. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne
8:00 A.M.—Chapel Service
10:00 A.M.—Worship Service
Elder Barbara Vinson
The session of FPC encourages each and every one of you to make every effort  to come to the services during the months of July and August to join the community of faith as we worship the Lord together.
Your presence in worship expresses the commitment, the vitality, and the hope you have in the life and ministry of this congregation.     
See you in church.




July and August
First Presbyterian
Soup Kitchen
of the Month:
Boxed Spaghetti and 
Jars of Meat Sauce

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