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First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City
Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City!
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Our Mission: We are committed to glorifying God and transforming our congregation, community, and the world with God's love.  
Our Vision: To strengthen our own spiritual growth and to spread the word of God in Christ.

The Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, Pastor


Worship Service:  

Sunday - 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Church Services on the Web

TV Broadcast - Channel 99  

Wednesdays- 12:00 Noon   

Fridays- 2:00 PM

Sundays- 12:00 Noon
(New Sermons first air on Wednesdays) 



Church Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday - 8:00-3:00
Friday - 8:00-12:00


Am I seeing “RED”?  Yes, the paraments for Palm Sunday (Passion Sunday) are redWhen the people of Jerusalem greet Jesus on Palm Sunday, they grabbed palm branches, which was a symbol of triumph in Roman times bestowed upon the winner of military or athletic contests. The people shouted Hosanna! Hosanna! (Save us! Save us!)
The paraments return to purple on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week.  On Maundy Thursday, the church is stripped bare of color.  The cross is draped in a black shroud, in mourning for the death or Christ. 
On Easter, the paraments become  white for a fifty day season of seven Sundays.  The white color focuses us on the hope of new life that we have now that God has defeated the power of sin and death through the resurrection of Jesus. 




 Lenten Thank Yous!



We have had a most enlightening Lenten season thanks to two generous individuals who were willing to share their time, knowledge, and faith with our Congregation.  

Thanks to Judith Kunst, author of The Burning Word:  A Christian Encounter with Jewish Midrash.

As we have talked so often these past few months about interpretation of Scripture, Judith's insights at each Soup and Salad meeting provided an opportunity to learn, appreciate, and value Jewish Midrash and to understand how that knowledge helps Christians to search for Biblical meaning.  We were also excited to exchange our beliefs with members from the Sinai Temple who were our guests.


Another thank you to Chuck Lindberg, once a Sunday School teacher of our Pastor Ericka, who has led the Passages Adult Sunday school class during Lent in a thought provoking study of the Lenten season.  You know the lesson was awesome when participants reluctantly leave to head to church, still discussing the lesson's questions!




Ministry Architects

Isn't this a great logo?  So who are Ministry Architects and why do I need to know about them?

Hopefully, most of you are aware that we have successfully applied for a grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation to rebuild our Youth (grades 6-12) programming in our church.  Not only do we plan to build our numbers, but we want to offer our youth exciting and  meaningful experiences as they begin their faith journeys.  We have renewed interest from our congregation members and from our kids.  Having tried many ideas to “regenerate” on our own, we believe this opportunity to be guided by professionals in this process is fantastic. They will be coming to spend Tuesday, April 14th, and Wednesday, April 15th with us.

Notice...... we said “us”.

Feedback from every group and every person in the congregation is their requirement in order for them to put together a 'master plan' which is composed immediately after their visit.

You will be hearing much more about Ministry Architects so watch for their logo with more news about who, what, when, where, why and how.  For now, please put April 14th and 15th on your calendars.



Christian Education Updates

Please Click Here for information regarding Sunday School,  as well information about exciting Adult Christian Education opportunities.


Service Opportunities
As we begin 2015, it is a great time to reflect, make new efforts, and demonstrate our gratitude for our blessings through care and service toward others. Under the direction of the Deacons, a CARE team has been created. To learn more about this and other service opportunities, check out the many options we have posted on our Ways to Help page.

Special Permission Forms


Permission slips and release forms for special activities are now available on the website. Please click here or on the heading above.

Missional Transformation: Discovering God's Dream
The Church has a divine calling, and its life and purpose are not its own.
The church exists to discern and participate in God’s mission.
That is why we have embarked on this journey with other churches in the Presbytery of Wabash Valley. For more information and to learn our timeline for this journey, please click here.
Our Heritage
Shirley Ryan, church historian, has been working on a new exhibit in the Heritage Room, on the west side of the narthex. This exhibit highlights the various places we have held worship services during construction, renovation, and fire repair. Also, showcased are the many and various Women’s Association activities over the years. Stop in before or after worship or any other time to enjoy our rich heritage.
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The Worship and Preaching Schedule During the Month of  April is as follows:



April 12—10:00 A. M.


Guest Speaker—Don Neely


April 19—10:00 A.M.


Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, preaching


April 26—10:00  A.M.


Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, preaching


The session of FPC encourages each and every one of you to make every effort  to come to the services during the month of April, to join the community of faith as we worship the Lord together.


Your presence in worship expresses the commitment, the vitality, and the hope you have in the life and ministry of this congregation.     


See you in church.



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