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First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City!
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Our Mission: We are committed to glorifying God and transforming our congregation, community, and the world with God's love.  
Our Vision: To strengthen our own spiritual growth and to spread the word of God in Christ.

The Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, Pastor


Worship Service:  

Sunday - 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Church Services on the Web

TV Broadcast - Channel 99  

Wednesdays- 12:00 Noon   

Fridays- 2:00 PM

Sundays- 12:00 Noon
(New Sermons first air on Wednesdays) 



Church Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday - 8:00-3:00
Friday - 8:00-12:00


Just as the trees have been changing colors, the church paraments are also changing.  Sunday, November 22nd is Christ the King Sunday.  The final Sunday of the the church year uses white, which is a festive color suggesting light, joy, and the celebration of our Lord.  The new church year begins on November 29th, which is the first Sunday of Advent.  The blue paraments associated with Advent suggest hope (this association originated in Scandinavia, probably because purple dye was too expensive for churches to use). Advent is a spiritual journey of longing and yearning for a Messiah. The color blue represents the Hope of All Nations, the birth of Jesus.


Thanksgiving Baskets
This year, First Presbyterian hopes to provide at LEAST FORTY Michigan City families with Thanksgiving Baskets this year.
Click here to learn the many different ways to be a part of this mission.
Click here to learn of other opportunities to help our Church and community.
 Hanging of the Greens
Join together as a church family on Sunday, November 29th to help with the "Hanging of the Greens."  Many hands are needed as we decorate the church in anticipation of Jesus' birth.  Many activities are being planned for after the worship service:
1.  Decorating trees in the sanctuary, entryway and lounge.
2.  Hanging greens in the sanctuary, entryway and lounge.
3.  Installing and decorating pew candelabras.
4.  Creating luminarias for Christmas Eve and your own home.
5.  Singing carols.
6.  Eating refreshments and having fellowship.
Hands of all ages are needed and welcome. We hope to see you there!

 Stewardship Campaign

November is the month that our Stewardship campaign evolves.  The financial support developed provides the means for the many ministries of First Presbyterian Church.  Session has approved NOVEMBER 22nd as PLEDGE SUNDAY, and mailings in early November will present these pledge materials.
Through the first nine months of the year, our adult giving has been below the amount through September of 2014.  This is coupled with higher expenses in facility repairs to create a significant stress in our finances. This is despite a slightly higher number of pledges to the church. There is truly a strong need for enhanced financial support from the membership of our church. Please continue, and where possible, increase your generous support so that we can maintain the important and vital functions of First Presbyterian.
Again, November 22nd has been designated as Pledge Sunday. Please be mindful and generous, knowing that the needs in our church's finances are immense and challenging.

Christian Education Updates

Please Click Here for information regarding our Lighthouse and Youth Group programs,  as well information about exciting Adult Christian Education opportunities.


Missional Transformation: Discovering God's Dream
The Church has a divine calling, and its life and purpose are not its own.
The church exists to discern and participate in God’s mission.
That is why we have embarked on this journey with other churches in the Presbytery of Wabash Valley. For more information and to learn our timeline for this journey, please click here.
Our History
A Church History, First Presbyterian Church, Michigan City, IN
Yes, it's true.  The long-awaited history of First Presbyterian Church, written over 19 years ago by Doris and Red Wendt, will soon be in print.  A sample copy will be available in mid-November.  Contact the church office for ordering information.
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The worship and preaching schedule during the month of November is as follows:

November 8th - 10:00 A.M.

Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, preaching

November 15th - 10:00 A.M.


Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, preaching

November 22nd - 10:00 A.M.


Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, preaching

November 29th - 10:00 A.M.



Rev. Dr. Ericka Parkinson Kilbourne, preaching

The session of FPC encourages each and every one of you to make every effort to come to the services during the month of November, to join the community of faith as we worship the Lord together.

Your presence in worship expresses the commitment, the vitality, and the hope you have in the life and ministry of this congregation.

See you in church.


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First Presbyterian Church is a mainline church of the PC(USA) denomination.

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