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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Presbyterian Women




Together in Service

All women of the church are welcome to join a Circle!
There will be NO PWCT meeting in March
 The Circles

Elisabeth Circle:
          Next Meeting= Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30 PM at the church
 The Elisabeth Circle normally meets on the third Tuesday of each  month
 Wednesday Circle
         Next Meeting= Wednesday, March 14th at 12:30 PM in the church library
        The Wednesday Circle normally meets the second Wednesday of at each
        month at 12:30 PM.
Tabitha's Joy Circle:
    This Circle meets online at www.tabitha'sjoy.org.
     If you are interested in joining, please contact Brenda Branch, Moderator.

March PW FYI of Upcoming Events
¨ There is No PWCT meeting in March
--March 11, 2018 -- Birthday Offering Sunday--Woman of the Year to be announced
- April 28, 2018 -- Spring Gathering at Geneva Center . Details to come.
¨ August 2-5, 2018 PW Churchwide Gathering in Louisville, KY
Birthday Offering 2018

This year’s Birthday Offering supports Cottage Village, a mission that considers the living conditions of families with low incomes.  By building 13 tiny houses and providing a shared area for common use, this village supports residents’ skills for self-government, a renewed sense of responsibility and a blessed sense of self.


The Village of Grace Center for Physical and Spiritual Health is being managed by the Presbyterian women of Honduras.  Village of Grace offers international hospitality for retreats, workshops and mission teams from PC (USA), Solar Under the Sun and Living Waters for the World.


We ask that you give as you have been blessed, and generously as led by the Holy Spirit.  Presbyterian Women’s commitment to improving the lives of others has not changed.  Bring your envelope to the church on Sunday, March 11th, or mail it to the church.


A dozen Presbyterian Women met at Geneva Center on October 20, 2017 to Retreat, Renew and Recharge.  Barb Vinson led us in a Worship time by the lake after supper.  At the breakout sessions we had a choice of card making, scriptural coloring pages, and/or sewing Malawi Pads (sanitary pads).  Conversations followed the Evening Meditation.  After breakfast we had an hour of chair yoga by exercising our hands, feet, and back with two sizes of rubber balls.  Some women walked the prayer labyrinth.  At closing worship we sang songs and celebrated the Lord’s Supper.  The women gave $150.00 to Hurricane Relief and $43.00 to the Hunger Fund.  Barb and I returned home having been renewed and recharged.
                                             Carol Garrett, PWCT Moderator





We are very happy to report that this year’s Carson’s Community Day Coupon Book Sale was VERY successful.  Thank you for your support!  This is a great example of how $5.00 does make a big difference.  With your help plus excellent in-store sales, we are able to give $300.00 to our Saturday Soup Kitchen, $300.00 to Citizens Concerned for the Homeless and $100.00 to our church Help Fund!  Thank you so much!


Geneva Center Re-Wine-d Party
Nancy Arnold, Carol Garrett and Barb Vinson were at the PW Re-wine-d Party on September 23rd and 24th at Geneva Center.  Pictures were painted, and the group walked and meditated in the labyrinth (two of several activities).




 Spring Gathering April 16, 2016

(l. to r.) Sue Ransom, Connie Bauer, Peggy McAnally, Marilyn Cook, Nancy Arnold, Carol Garrett, Barb Vinson, Carol Winkler 


Congratulations to 2016 Woman of the Year, Marilyn Cook!!

 Pictures from the 2015 PW Installation Service


Mission Project
The Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team has selected the Dunebrook Family Depot as their current Service Project. Please see their Wish List on the Bulletin Board near the water fountain in the Edith Boyd Lounge. The Collection Box is in the Christian Education entryway.
A "Suggestion" of needed items for January from the Dunebrook Wish List:
 Diapers (for all sizes) and wipes
As always, any other items are gratefully accepted.
2013-2014 Year Book
If you did not receive a new 2013-2014 Year Book, please check with your moderator.
Also, we have a corrected insert information sheet for the Tabitha's Joy Circle.
Love to Knit? Join the Prayer Shawl Ministry
Do you love to knit? Join the on-going PW mission of knitting prayer shawls. Hand-knitted shawls are prayed over by Presbyterian Women and then are given to individuals in need of feeling God’s loving arms wrapped around them. 
Current knitters are: Lois Miley, Nancy Arnold, Sandy Dougherty, Norma Whybrew and Pat Graham. Contact Lois for more info and get those needles clicking!
Please be sure to put your name on all dishes and trays when you bring food for an event. There are several unclaimed containers on the table in the Christian Education entryway that have no names. Please check them out to see if one (or more!) belongs to you!  For future events, extra address stickers are an easy option for quick, one-time identification.
Presbyterian Women Children's Book Drive
Will you help us fill the Book Box? The Amy Arnt Circle has collected pre-school books for the Sand Castle Shelter. The shelter, a Michigan City temporary home for LaPorte County homeless children and their families, is asking for new and “gently used” books for children under age six.
According to Tom Isakson, shelter director, “This year, over 60 children, including over 30 (ages 0-5), will use Sand Castle.” Tom goes on to say, “Many of the adults served there were not reared in a household that promoted education, so encouraging these parents to read to their little ones nightly is so important.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the books that you loved reading to your children or grandchildren could now help a homeless child learn to read?! The shelter allows families to keep their favorite books as they move into their own homes.
Amy Arnt Circle asks that you place your donated books in the box (made for her circle by Patty Schaefer) on the table in the Edith Boyd Lounge. If you have any questions, please call Betty Locke or Connie McKeague.
How Else Can You Help?
This year our Presbyterian Women's theme is "A Refuge and a Shelter".  Local National and International programs put Christ's "words to work". Help PW live out their stated pledge to "support the mission of the church worldwide".  In addition to the ongoing General Assembly Mission Support, three organizations have been added in receiving grants:
  • Circle of Friends: Celebrating Life, Inc., Peachtree City, GA
    • This organization rescues, rehabilitates and provides safe shelter for young American girls who are victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. 
  • New Opportunities for Romanian Orphaned Children, Tulcea, Romania.
    • This grant will help make the possibility of land purchase and construction of a gym/activity center for children. 
  • Synon Under the Sun, Irving, Texas. 
    • This organization trains lay people to lead teams that install solar powered energy systems.  This grant will help purchase the solar panel equipment to be used in the training.