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First Presbyterian Church of Michigan City
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Welcome, Worship, Celebrate, Serve!
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The Proposed Ministry Plan for 2018
First Presbyterian Church Michigan City, Indiana
While the Session has not yet approved the 2018 Ministry Budget, this narrative has been created through the study of past years’ budgets and is a projection of the cost to continue to live into our faithful vision for ministry: to share God’s love as we Welcome, Worship, Celebrate, and Serve.
Greetings! I am elated that you have chosen to devote your time to this narrative. This is a story of a unique congregation, whose vibrant ministry is both flourishing and faithful. Set in the heart of Michigan City’s historic and revitalized Uptown Arts District, this faithful community has prayerfully discerned a sacred calling to share God’s love as we WELCOME, WORSHIP, CELEBRATE, and SERVE. 
As you read this proposal, you will witness the many ways in which our congregation has already been, and will continue to be, faithful to this guiding vision. You will discover the ways in which this congregation is indeed unique, vibrant, flourishing, and faithful. The finance committee has chosen to present an illustrated story of a people of faith; YOU are invited to be an integral character in this story. As you read the pages of this narrative, we ask that you consider your role in this story. In what ways is God calling you to invest your prayers, your energy, and your financial gifts?
Pastor Ericka.
This Year’s Stewardship Goals:

1. 75% of contributors will increase their plans for giving by at least 5%

2. 10 new pledges will be made (defined as never pledged before or hasn’t pledged      in two years).

3. 6 new members pledges will be made (defined as a member who has joined      within the last three years)

4. 8 Children will pledge to the 2018 Ministry year

5. 4 youth from the 2016 confirmation class will pledge to the 2018 Ministry year

6. 50 individuals will indicate in writing that they have included the Church and its      ministry in their Planned Giving



Our congregation is a leader in the City as we faithfully follow the gospel and its mandates to be with and for those who are in need. We continue a decades long tradition of serving a meal once a week and opening our doors to the homeless for nourishment and shelter. We are active participants in the Homeward Bound Shopping Cart Walk, the Crop Walk, and we look forward each year to providing Thanksgiving meal groceries for 40 families. Our Pastor manages both the Help and Children in Need funds in order to assist members and those in the community in financial emergencies, mostly with energy, rent, and prescriptions. In addition, we are pleased to partner with the denomination, as our individual members contribute to the five national funds which provide assistance to retired and serving clergy, persons living in poverty, in need of shelter, education, and other essential needs. We also participate in the denomination’s Per Capita program, contributing close to $40.00 per member to the larger denomination and its ministry. We are devoted to this practice because we believe in contributing to the larger Body of Christ, and we are grateful for the rich resources, relationships, and continuity provided by the Presbytery and the General Assembly.

Our congregation not only serves the community, but through our Pastor, Deacons, Presbyterian Women, and members, we serve each other. Visiting, praying for, and offering meaningful community and programs that enhance life and even add to its longevity are just a few of the ways our congregation cares for its members and friends.


Often described as “The friendliest Church in Michigan City,” the Outreach Committee and the Pastor daily extend Christ’s hospitality to the larger community. Whether participating in First Fridays, or providing support groups for seniors and mothers of young children, our congregation’s presence in the community is relevant and carries with it the love of God. For over 50 years, we have been grateful to house the annual presentation of Handel’s Messiah, and for fifteen years, the Michigan City Chamber Music Festival.
Sunday morning visitors are greeted at the door by a friendly face and welcomed to worship. Meaningful conversation follows with coffee hour, as well as an eventual invitation to join our family of faith.  Each day of the week, our building is full with a variety of groups and programs, from a fitness drumming group to an exciting robotics club, a shelter for homeless, and a hot meal for all on Saturdays. Several PEO Chapters, a Homeschooling Co-op, and many other community groups are grateful to call our building their “home.”


It is no surprise that our Worship budget is larger than all the others. Sunday morning worship is our main event, and it encompasses our central purpose: to give honor and praise to our God and to be led by God’s word.
Our traditional worship is steeped in the Reformed tradition, which means that the service begins with a preparation to hear and understand the Word, and then responds to the word in prayer and gratitude. This structure places the reading, exposition (the sermon), hearing, understanding, and contemplating of the Word in the center of the worship service. Therefore, all that we do in our congregation flows from this structure. As we reform and transform, it is always in response to a faithful reading and understanding of God’s calling, as we interpret it in study, prayer, and especially in the context of worship. Our Pastor is pleased to give of her time in study and prayer to present a relevant, faithful, and engaging sermon, and from time to time, even offers a series of small groups to reflect upon the sermons, during the program year.
Excellent sacred music has been and remains a cherished tradition at First Presbyterian. Our choir presents a rich variety of music which reflects the vastness of global humanity and our God. The music on both Christmas Eve and Easter remind us of God’s majesty and beauty.


The apostle Paul writes, “There is nothing in life or in death that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” We believe that our God is active and present in all of our lives, and we celebrate that! Whether it is a baptism, a wedding, a funeral, memorial service, the giving of a child’s first Bible, the preaching of one’s first sermon, moving into or buying a first or new home, our congregation has a rich history of celebrating the lives of our members and acknowledging God’s presence and leading within these moments.

Our Milestone program leads our children through twelve significant rites of passage, from baptism to the giving of one’s testimony. The programs and family projects are led by the Pastor, Sunday school teachers, prayer partners, mentors, and parents, as together they explore the essential values of Christian faith, such as prayer, generosity, biblical knowledge, the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, the honoring of one’s body, and membership in the Body of Christ. Through our Safe Church Program, parents can be assured of both their children’s safety and well-being. Faith Formation does not end with the passage to adulthood, though. Our Adult Education offerings range from in-depth Bible study to faithful discussions of current events, and our Christian response to them.